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Argo is a drama/thriller film directed by Ben Affleck. Film tells the story of the CIA specialist agent who sets on the mission to bring 6 US ambassadors back to US safely as they take refuge in the Canadian ambassadors home during the Iranian revolution that is going on in Tehran, Iran. Watch Argo online to see a revolution that takes place in Iran in the year1979. In the revolution,

Islamic militants attack US embassy and make 52 US ambassadors their hostages in Tehran, capital of Iran. But somehow 6 US ambassadors get lucky enough to escape from there. In order to hide themselves from Iranian revolutionists they take refuge in the home of Canadian ambassador. They have less time to remain themselves hidden anywhere as Islamic Militants are looking for them door to door. Whenever those militants will find them ,all of the 6 ambassadors will get killed by them. Tony Mendez ( Ben Affleck) who is a CIA agent sets onto the journey to bring 6 US ambassadors back to USA safely.




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